Discover Skopelos

Skopelos island, Greece


The church of Panagitsa of Pyrgos (Tower Panagitsa) is the picturesque white chapel you see when entering in Skopelos harbour. The church is also known as the Presentation of Virgin Mary or the church of Holy Mary. Actually is the most outstanding Church of Skopelos Chora. This small church on the end of the old port of Skopelos, is the trademark of Skopelos Town.

Ai Giannis at Kastri

Shortly before reaching Glossa, om your right, you come across a road that leads to the chapel of Ai Giannis at Kastri. The chapel of Ai Giannis is at the top of a rock 100 m high and to reach it one must climb about 200 steps cut into the rock. Before the road reaches the sea, there is a tap with water at the chapel of Panagia. The visitor climbs up a well protected staircase cut into the rock. The view from the top is mesmerizing. The small, almost lonely beaches with their green-blue waters among the grey rocks add one more tone of beauty to the area.

Holy Monastery of Agia Varvara

Monastery of Agia Barbara: With spectacular views of the northern coast and Alonissos, the Monastery of Agia Barbara is located near the nunnery of Timios Prodromos and it is the oldest monastery on Skopelos. According to the inscription, it was built in 1648. The church is a basilica of single-aisle type with a dome and renovated probably in the year 1697. The monastery is surrounded by a thick, tall wall that resembles a medieval fortress and the temple is the oldest on Skopelos (15th century). It is a gilded wooden temple decorated with flowers and vines, but also double-headed eagles.

Holy Monastery of Saint John Prodromos

A relatively short distance from the town of Skopelos, on Mount Palouki in an area where there are scattered historical monasteries, such as that of the Transfiguration of the Savior and St. Barbara, you will find the monastery of the Righteous Forerunner. During its long history it functioned sometimes as a men’s and sometimes as a nunnery. After the sleep of the benevolent nuns who lived there until a few years ago, it now functions as a men’s monastery.